Sunday, March 3, 2013

Personal Learning Plan

During CEP810, I had six immediate and long-term goals that I listed.  Although it was just a few months ago, it is fun to look back and see the progress I have made.  I decided to structure my professional learning plan by comparing my goals from my actual 810 plan and incorporating my new goals.  

Immediate Goals:

Contribute to classroom blog:  I’ve done this a little.  This mostly takes place when posting information related to my class progress.  This is a goal that will need to continue.  I see some of my favorite teacher bloggers, such as Cara Carroll at The First Grade Parade, who have so many followers.  My blog needs to be updated frequently, with photos.  But it isn't just about updating it, I need to get followers.  Nevertheless, this is definitely an ongoing project.

Digital stories:  My original goal was to have the kids use a digital story site such as Little Bird Tales.  Our class made our first story shortly after posting this goal.  Since then, the kids have made a couple digital stories and a video using iMovie.  All of these have been fantastic and the kids have loved it.  In fact, my Wicked Problem stemmed from problems I had with this goal:  making kids more accountable for their learning.  Needless to say, this is a goal that will also continue, as I get more comfortable with the different programs and structuring the instructional process.

Long Term Goals:

Develop a Classroom Website:  I wanted to use a Weebly site because our school didn't provide the access for a class site.  I played around with the concept, but struggled with the idea since it wouldn't be linked to the school site.  But in December, we received word that we could now make pages.  So I have been working on my personal page.  I am the only staff member to utilize this and have used Jing to screencast the process for my colleagues.  My principal is actually giving me the entire hour staff meeting on Tuesday to teach this for everyone.  I know that I'm not an expert, but I do have some things to share about the concept.  

Teachers Pay Teachers:  My goal was to start earning money on TpT.  Since making this a goal, I’ve posted one unit for sale.  I have sold three of these, earning a couple of bucks.  I’d like to post more, but at least I have a start.  I feel like this is strongly related to the Classroom Blog goal.  The more followers I have following me on TpT and my blog, the more business I can make.  It would be fantastic if I could use this to help supplement my income a bit.  But, what I have made is still more than what I had to begin with!  Maybe I can even treat my husband to dinner; I'm sure he would love food from the McDonald's dollar menu, hehe.

Grant Writing:  There has been little progress on this goal.  I suppose it is Long-Term Goal, but it is something I would like to do soon.  I think this goal is also a multi-level goal.  What I mean is that I probably won’t write a grant for 30 iPads, tablets, clickers, software, and make my classroom the ultimate techy spot.  For starters, as a novice grant writer, this wouldn’t happen.  But also, technology keeps changing.  Even if I had the ultimate tech classroom, the next great thing in education technology will appear.  Ideally, I want to write my first grant within this summer, for the next school year.  I’m hoping for two or three iPads or tablets.  This is something I might need to consult with someone who has more grant writing experience. 

New Goals

I’m not sure if the professional learning plan will appear in another class before I graduate in December.  But I’m already a little worried.  I feel like I have made so much progress since I started the MAET program in the fall.  Yet, I am graduating in December.  I fear that I will stop learning when I stop taking classes.  Thus, my last goal is to start seeking more professional development now.  If I am already making it routine, it will be an easy routine to keep after the program is over.  I’m sure I could get support with this from instructors in the MAET program.  Or, I could attend the MSU technology conference and hear about other opportunities.  

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