Monday, December 10, 2012

CEP 811- Final Thoughts

I’ve learned a lot about teaching strategies.  CEP810 was a lot of “stuff” besides just content.  Children need to learn about Internet safety.  They need to be prepared, in order to not provide personal information or visit unsafe websites.  CEP811 has been more about using technology for differentiating.  For example, making a lesson the most accessible to all students.  One of the most interesting parts about evaluating technologies has been incorporating the standards.  During undergrad, I was never made aware of the Michigan Technology Standards.  None of my coworkers are either.  I feel like I can already be a better advocate for this. 

When I showed my students my STAIR project, the kids loved the interactive features of it.  Another goal of mine will be to use these type of features in my class more often.  I always used the fact that I didn’t have technology, such as an Interactive Whiteboard, as a crutch. However that shouldn’t limit the interaction my students have with their learning.  I could create interactive questions on a daily or weekly basis to remind students of past concepts and assess understanding.

 Since starting CEP 811, I’ve been making progress on my goals.  I completed a project with my students, in which the children are all worked together to compile one digital storybook.  They were really excited about using this new technology to “publish” their work.  Now they can’t wait to publish their own independent work.  This would be a future goal.  I still have a lot more to do in reaching my other goals, such as contributing to a blog frequently and contributing to Teachers Pay Teachers.  But, I have actually begun posting to the website and have sold two items, so I’m pretty excited. 

I wanted to thank you for these last eight weeks.  I survived my second graduate school class as a mother, teacher, and wife.  I’m gradually starting to think that I can do it!

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  1. Nichole, you are most welcome! I'm so glad that your kids loved the StAIR! YEAHHHHH! It makes all the hard work worth it when they appreciate what you have made for them. Plus, your voice on it was way cute! Enjoy the rest of your school year!