Friday, November 30, 2012


For grad school, I was asked to look at this link and identify the technology concepts that I would most likely want to implement in my classroom.  I also needed to identify the ones that would be too challenging for my students.  

After going through the technologies provided on the lists, there are so many that I would LOVE TO DO.  But, I teach first grade.  I’m not trying to use that as a crutch.  I bet somewhere in the world, first grade classrooms are making their own Wikipedia sites.  However, that isn’t my class, at least not yet ;).  I also feel strongly that the easiest ways to utilize technology is to look at something you already do, and see how you can just tweak.  A social studies GLCE for first grade students includes a look at cultures.  The students need to explore and identify differences and similarities in cultures.  How fun would it be to prep my students with interview questions and allow them to video tape clips of environment and surroundings, then use video conferencing to share experiences with a class, maybe in New York City.  I have friends who teach first grade in North Carolina, Colorado, and California.  I really could use any of the resources, such as Breeze or Net Meeting to have this interaction.  I’m sure the kids would love it too.  Then, they could create a report of project of some kind to compare and contrast.  The strategies that this would include would be scaffolding.  I would help support the children throughout the entire process, limiting my help during the project time.  This is also learning styles.  By using the technology, I am more likely to engage more learners, rather than simply having pen-pals.  Video conferencing with experts or field trips would also be an easy change. 

So obviously, the most challenging activities to do with my students would be Wiki, blogging, webpage development, etc.  Mostly because I feel like the students who do these things need more understanding of computers.  My students struggle enough with just the logging in process because they are new to doing it.  The simulations listed were all for older students, however during CEP 810, some students discussed simulations for their special interest group project.  They did provide more grade level appropriate simulations that I am definitely interested in using!

Do you utilize any of these technologies?

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