Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Hello Friends!

It is November 20 and I've decided to start my New Years Resolution early.  I am going to update my blog EVERY WEEK!  I would love to get some followers so I can start sharing ideas.  I'm getting my Masters Degree from Michigan State in Educational Technology and I keep posting that my goals are to start blogging regularly and contribute to TpT so I better get started on that.  So I've decided to my resolution today!


In our school district, we had last Thursday and Friday off of school for Michigan's Opening Day of Rifle Hunting for Deer Season.  It is a HUGE deal in Northern Michigan.  This week we have Thursday and Friday off for Thanksgiving.  So it has been kind of tricky teaching.  How do you teaching Thanksgiving?  This is what we did these past two weeks:

Have you ever read "Thank You, Sarah?"  If not, please check it out!  The students read this story and then wrote thank you notes to Sarah.  I always love this activity! 

I asked the children what Thanksgiving was.  I told them to pretend that I was a preschooler, who had never heard of Thanksgiving before.  They tried to explain it, but most of the time they just said, "Thanksgiving is Thanksgiving."  So we read this story and the children had to complete a poem using the five senses.  Check out my template for free on TpT: Five Sense Poetry

Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

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