Saturday, February 16, 2013

Data Visualization Assignment

After skimming at the Free Visual Tools Wiki, I made the immediate decision to look at tools that would be applicable in my classroom.  By applicable, I mean things that the children already can use, are standards related, or supportive of my instruction.

The first Visualization Site that I went to on the Wiki was in the comics section.  My kids love comics and I thought immediately that it could be something I could use.  I immediately went to the Marvel link because my students especially love Marvel comics.  But I was disappointed that the link went to an episode of “The Super Hero Squad Show.”  I never could find the Marvel Comic Creator.  

After feeling defeated on the Marvel Comics Site, the next visualization I went to was the open clip art.  The concept seemed great, as when I create lessons and center activities to put on Teachers Pay Teachers, I will sometimes purchase from Scrappin’Doodles.  Other times, I’m sorry to say, I do a Google search for a specific type of clip art and use it, without even checking a copyright.  I found the Clip Art site very challenging to use.  The clip art wasn’t at a very high standard and it left me disappointed.  

The last site I went on was Time Toast Timelines.  At this point, I didn’t feel as if the search was working very well.  But, after playing around I realized that I really liked this page.  It is perfect too, as Social Studies GLCES ask K-1 students to use tools, such as timelines, to learn and discuss the past.  I had my students make paper timelines in the past, so I thought this could be a great tool.  I really had fun playing around and decided to use it for my visualization.  

I know in many of my reflections for CEP courses, I have to reflect on my progress so far in achieving goals.  My goal was simple:  use more technology!  So I decided to use this concept to track my progress in achieving my goals.  I used a time progression starting from my switch to first grade until today.  The ah-ha moment I had was when I used the visualization tool to analyze the data.  As you can clearly see, the increase in technology use has a positive correlation with my entrance into the MAET program.  It took putting these things down on Time Toast to realize that yes, I am making some progress.  Check out my time line here!

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