Monday, February 11, 2013

Flipped PD

This is a Flipped Professional Development discussing Daily 5 and the technologies you can use with it.  Flipped Professional Development, very similar to a Flipped Classroom, is when the you view SOMETHING at home, and take what you learning and work to apply it at school.  Think homework, but opposite!  We decided to incorporate Garage Band and Audacity, two recordable devices, to utilize the technology in Daily 5.

To use this PD, I have a few recommendations.  Teachers will need to be given ample time and experience with the Daily 5 method.  If you don't know about Daily 5, it might be tough to do this PD.  Also, please check to verify what kind of recording technology you have on your computers.  It would be easier for a teacher if he or she knew what software they were dealing with.  I would recommend letting a teachers view the video together, possibly in grade level teams.  This way immediate collaboration could be possible and it would support teachers that may not have as much tech understand.  Post video, it would be great for teachers to have access to computers right away.  This would be fantastic if teachers were given a half day to work.  To collect feedback, check on implementation, and support the teachers, you could do one of two things.  It would be best if as a school, time could be set aside during a staff meeting just to check on the status.  If that doesn't work, it would work to have a resident "PD helper" for each Flipped Professional Development.  They would be the go to, to answer questions or help out if there were some confusion.  If we had multiple Flipped PD, I could see the individual helper role being incredibly relevant.

All of the introductory content about Daily 5 and K-2 student learning was my portion.  I was asked to break down the Daily 5 and come up with ideas in which we could use programs such as Audacity and Garage Band.  Once I completed this part, I also made my own mini-powerpoint presentation which looks like this.  I put all of the language in the comments so that it could be read easily.  It was Amanda's job to take all of these slides, including the ones done by Daniel and Eric, to put into iMovie.

To view our Flipped Professional Development with Daily 5, click here!

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